How do I create sensor markers and info window?

Sensor markers and info window.

1. Sensors are displayed as markers on the map with a label displaying the tag and last measure value for that particular sensor.

2. Markers are coloured on the basis of the type of sensor.

3. Heatmap will be displayed around the marker if the value associated with that marker is sufficient compared to other sensors.

4. Sensor with higher value display high-intensity heatmap.

5. To change the location of a sensor/marker, click and drag the marker to the desired location and drop it. Refresh the page.

6. Click on the marker to see the info window associated with that marker.

7. Info window displays the Street view of the location of this sensor and other data related to it.

8. Close the info window by clicking the ‘X’ on the top-right corner of the info window.

9. Right-click on the marker to edit the sensor by selecting ‘Edit Sensor’ from the menu, a modal will be displayed on your screen to edit the sensor information and save.